Paralegal Guide to Technology, Privacy and Free Speech

The rapid advancement of technology in recent years has put threatening pressure on one of America’s most fundamental rights: the right to privacy. The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution grants Americans guaranteed protection against unreasonable (unwarranted) searches and seizures from law enforcement officials. However, this Amendment’s guarantee of privacy is not categorical. Limited […]

Paralegal Primer: A History of Online Privacy Laws

Computers use and high-speed Internet access are ubiquitous in workplaces and homes across the country and around the world. American retailers have even adjusted their marketing efforts. Cyber Monday sales often rival Black Friday bargains, reflecting the fact that many shoppers prefer to snag their bargains online, whether at home or at work, rather than […]

What Will I Learn in an Online Paralegal Program?

An online paralegal program will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to begin an entry-level job as a paralegal. Depending on the degree level you choose, online paralegal programs can offer varied classes and curriculums. However, most students will learn the basic lessons of civil litigation, contracts, legal research and criminal law in their […]

What Kind of Education Do Paralegals Need?

Although paralegals learn a great deal while on the job, they are strongly encouraged to complete college-level training to prepare for work. Because today’s paralegals have taken on newfound roles in assisting lawyers, they will greatly benefit from the knowledge and skills learned in a college training program. Most law offices and organizations require their […]

What Does a Paralegal Do?

A paralegal, also called a legal assistant, serves as a lawyer’s right-hand man or woman. While they have many daily tasks, paralegals’ main focus is on drafting and organizing documents that will help lawyers during trials. They also prepare lawyers for closings, hearings and corporate meetings  Today, paralegals are given more responsibilities within the workplace, […]

What Are the Job Prospects for Paralegals?

The field of law has changed a great deal over the course of its existence. Not only has the industry expanded and increased, but so has the demand for all law professionals, especially paralegals. An increasing demand for legal services has caused a significant growth in the employment of paralegals. According to the Bureau of […]

How Do Online Paralegal Programs Work?

Like other web-based programs, online paralegal programs are designed to prepare students for a professional career, while providing them with a high-quality and convenient education. Online paralegal programs are exactly that — 100 percent online. All assignments, quizzes and tests are completed and submitted on the web, and there are no on-campus requirements. Online classes […]

Brown v. Board of Education

Paralegal Guide: Brown v. Board of Education Before the milestone Supreme Court decision, Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka in 1954, 17 states required racial segregation in public schools, including Texas, Florida, and Virginia. Ironically, Kansas, from which the titular plaintiff Oliver L. Brown filed his lawsuit, was not one of these states where […]

Media Law

Paralegal Guide: Media Law In an area as lucrative as the entertainment and media industry and in a society as litigious as ours, media law is a large and rapidly expanding area. Encompassing areas like copyright law and intellectual property protection, media law also incorporates elements of corporate law, telecommunications law, and First Amendment law. […]

Amistad Case

Paralegal Guide: Amistad Case In 1839, 53 Africans onboard the Spanish slave ship, La Amistad, led a successful revolt against the crew off the coast of Cuba. The schooner, without proper navigation, landed in Long Island where the Africans were taken captive by Thomas R. Gedney, an officer of the United States Revenue Cutter Service. […]

State Statutes and Constitutions

Paralegal Guide: State Statutes and Constitutions Here is an extensive list of all 50 of the state statutes and constitutions from A to Z.  This will help you understand some of the official laws and codes for each state.  Check out our other  resources on different aspects of law as you complete the rest of […]

Copyright Crash Course

Paralegal Guide: Crash Course in Copyright The copyright symbol is ubiquitous in modern American life. But how do copyrights actually work? In this crash course in copyright, we explain the very basics of U.S. copyright law, what can get copyrighted, how long copyright lasts, and some of the more common exceptions to copyright. For students […]

Digital Millennium Act

Primer on the Digital Millennium Act Here is some information on the Digital Millennium Act during the Clinton administration as there were new ways to pirate copyrighted materials as they were being delivered through the media.  This will provide you with some history on how the issues regarding copyrights were dealt with in the past.  […]’s Guide to the Supreme Court

Section One of Article III of the United States Constitution states that the federal legal system shall be composed of a Supreme Court and as many inferior courts as Congress may establish. The Supreme Court, therefore, is the highest court in the federal judiciary. The Supreme Court is composed of a chief justice and eight […]

Social Justice Resources

Social justice is comprised of three main ideas: equality in all areas of life, value of human rights, and recognition of the inherent dignity of every human being. This social theory, first developed by Luigi Taparelli in 1840 and later expounded upon by Harvard philosopher John Rawls in the 20th century, is a major part […]

Federal Courts Resources

Paralegal Guide: United States Federal Courts Here is an extensive list pertaining to the US Federal Courts from all 50 states and the other territories with links to law websites.  This will help give you some background on the appeals, district and bankruptcy courts.  Please refer to our other resources for some valuable information to […]

Intellectual Property

Paralegal Guide: Intellectual Property Resources The field of legal studies encompasses laws that protect citizens from unauthorized use of their work creations. The term intellectual property covers everything from pieces of writing, music, and art, to products, services, and inventions. In 1867, the North German Confederation first covered, in its constitution, protection for intellectual property. […]