Going Green: Should We Legalize Marijuana?

In today’s paralegal community, new issues and concerns regarding criminal justice are always appearing.  Right now, one of the key reasons for American citizens serving jail time has to do with laws and regulations surrounding the use and possession of marijuana.  It may be legal in 16 states, but in the other 32, it’s putting people in jail every day.  As a result, jails are overflowing, the money allocated for those serving time is rising, and yet illegal marijuana use remains as prevalent as ever.  As the economy flounders and tries to stabilize itself, it’s important to consider the social, judicial, and economic ramifications of legalizing marijuana.  Legalizing marijuana would turn one of the nation’s largest cash crops into something marketable, taxable, and regulated.  In considering whether or not to legalize, all factors seem it point in one direction: It’s time for America to go green.

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