Law School: The Ultimate Resource Guide

For people law students and aspiring law students, it’s always good to have the most trusted law resources on hand. Are you looking for some help to find the best law school for your purpose? Are you looking for some help in the bar exam? Here, you will find the ultimate resource guide for law students covering law school, law school exams, student resources, journals, the bar, employment, and pre-law stuff.

Legal Education

Law Schools

Law Schools Worldwide: Excellent directory with information on many law schools in the world.
Law School Rankings: The Princeton Review offers 11 ranking lists of the best law schools.
Top Law Schools: Provides a ranking of the best law schools in the United States.
Harvard Law School: Official website of one of the most famous law schools in the world.
Worldwide Law School Rankings: Offers various listings of the most popular law schools in the world.

Pages on Faculty & Course

NYU Law: The faculty page of NYU Law with faculty information, course information, directories, and more.
Berkeley Law: Provides information on faculty as well as courses, admissions, law library, and so on.
Yale Law School: The official page offers lots of information on faculty, courses, news, events, and more.
Penn State: A great place to find out about the faculty and courses at the Dickinson School of Law.
Columbia Law: Offers information about the law school including faculty and courses.

Law School Outlines & Exams

Norman Manley: Offers a copy of the school’s law course outline for download.
Law School Exams: Law school exams from the Gallagher Law Library of the University of Washington and other schools.
University of Chicago: Some of the law school’s past exams.

Resources for Law Students

Administrative Law: A research tutorial on administrative law by the Georgetown Law Library.
Basic Tutorials: A number of research tutorials and guides by the S.J. Quinney College of Law.
Financial Aid: Some help for students who are seeking financial aid at UCLA School of Law.
Federal Law: Great place to learn the branches of government, departments, and agencies in the United States.
Public Laws: Come here to browse public laws by range or type.

Academic Journals & Reviews

Administrative Law Review: Publishes articles on administrative law by the Washington College of Law.
American Criminal Law Review: It’s recognized as the top journal of criminal law in the United States.
American Journal of Criminal Law: A leading criminal law journal published by the University of Texas School of Law.
New York Law Journal: Presents the latest legal stories, court rules, decisions, and more.
George Washington Law Review: One of the most respected law reviews in the United States.

Other Legal Education Resources

Taft Law School: Offers information on admissions, programs, and more for students who are interested to pursue distance learning curriculum at the school.
Concord Law School: Another school that offers distance learning programs.
University of Edinburgh: Offers distance learning for LLM degrees and law CPD courses.
Northwestern California University: The school offers various distance learning law programs.
Loyola University: Another college that offers online degree programs for law students.

The Bar

ABA: The official website of the American Bar Association.
Virginia: Come here to find essay questions from past Virginia State bar exams.
Massachusetts: Provides essay questions from February, 2002 to February, 2011.
Connecticut: Offers questions from past bar exams with option to purchase sample answers.
AdaptiBar: MBE simulator and prep to help law students prepare for the bar exam.
Exam Preparation: Provides information on bar admissions, reading materials, review courses, the MBE, and more.
Essentials: Learn about how you should prepare for the bar exam.
California: Official website of the State Bar of California.
New York: Home page of the New York State Bar Association.
Texas: Website of State Bar of Texas with information for lawyers, the public, news, events, and more.
Florida: Homepage of the Florida Bar with information for the pubic, directories, publications, and so on.
Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania Bar Association offers lots of information for lawyers, public, and more.
State Bar of Michigan: Provides general information, admissions and regulation, member services, and so on.
Illinois: The home page of the Illinois State Bar Association.

Other Resources

Opportunities for Attorneys: Take a look at the attorney vacancies at the United States Department of Justice.
NALP: The official website of the Association for Legal Career Professionals.
Law Jobs: A good place to find a job in the legal field.
Paralegal Program: The University of California, Irvine offers an ABA approved paralegal program.
Paralegals & Legal Assistants: The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides career information for people interested in these professions.
Martin Dale: A career center where you can search for a legal job.
ALB Legal Jobs: The center allows you to search for legal jobs by country, city, specialization, and more.
Laurence Simons: For people who are looking for the best in international legal recruitment, this is the place to go.

Pre-Law Resources

UC San Diego: A list of useful resources for pre-law students.
FAFSA: Home page of Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
IEFA: Official home page of the International Education Financial Aid.
Law Schools 360: Provides information on LSAT Tests, law school rankings, financial aid and scholarship, and more.
Prelaw Resources: Excellent guide for students who are thinking of enrolling at Clark University.
Law School Basics: A great place to learn about what it takes to be admitted to a law school.