Social Justice Resources

Social justice is comprised of three main ideas: equality in all areas of life, value of human rights, and recognition of the inherent dignity of every human being. This social theory, first developed by Luigi Taparelli in 1840 and later expounded upon by Harvard philosopher John Rawls in the 20th century, is a major part of several religious beliefs as well as a core belief of the United States Green Party. The social justice theory claims that all human beings should be afforded not only equal legal rights but equal quality of life as well. This can include, but is not limited to, redistribution of wealth, equal or government funded housing, universal health care, and equality in education. The following links provide information on the basis of the social justice theory, historical and current social justice issues, and information regarding the views on social justice by major religious groups and political parties.


  • Distributive Justice A detailed outline of the social justice theory concerning the allocation of goods.
  • Moral Relativism Provides information on a theory that criticizes social justice.
  • Friedrich Hayek A speech by John Tomasi on why Hayek disagreed with the theories of social justice.

Throughout US History

  • Women’s Rights Provides a detailed history of on women’s rights social justice issue in the US.
  • Theodore Roosevelt Long considered one of the most progressive presidents in US history, Roosevelt took the theory of social justice to heart with the Square Deal.
  • Japanese Internment Provides information on this social justice issue that occurred in the US during World War II.
  • American Disabilities Act A law passed in 1990 that aimed to put Americans with disabilities on a somewhat level playing field with those without disabilities.
  • The Trail of Tears Provides a history of the forced relocation of the Cherokee Indians, commonly referred to as the Trail of Tears.

Issues in the US

  • Same Sex Marriage An informative article detailing the reasons same sex couples should be allowed partner recognition / marriage.
  • Immigration An article detailing the social justice issues of immigration.
  • Torture at Guantanamo Bay Provides information concerning the government sanctioned torture performed on war prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.
  • Education Equality An organization dedicated to ensuring every student receives the same quality of educations and educational advantages.
  • Current Issues Provides detailed information on several current social justice issues in the United States.

Issues Around the World

  • Female Mutilation Provides facts and information regarding the practice of female mutilation in third world countries.
  • Religious Freedom Provides information on projects around the world that have a goal of promoting religious freedom.
  • Clean Water Information from an international charity that works to bring clean water to those living in third world and developing countries.
  • Genocide Provides a definition of and current news concerning genocide all over the world.
  • Human Trafficking Provides information on the problem of human trafficking in China as well as other countries.
  • Child Protection An agency that works to protect children from trafficking, slavery, prostitution, and hunger all over the world.


  • Catholic Social Justice Provides official information on the Catholic Church’s view of social justice issues, straight from the Vatican.


  • Republican Party Provides information on this party’s views on several social justice issues.
  • Green Party Provides information on this party’s platform concerning social justice issues.
  • Libertarian Party Provides the official platform of this party and their views on several social issues.
  • Socialist Party USA Details the 2010-2011 platform of this micro political party and provides information on their views on several social justice issues.